Maryam Safaee, MD:
Dual Expertise, Empowering Dermatology

With an exceptional blend of expertise in both Dermatology and Internal Medicine, Dr. Maryam Safaee has etched a noteworthy path in the medical community. Board-certified in Dermatology and having dual training that marries skin health with holistic internal wellness, she brings a uniquely integrated approach to patient care.

Dr. Safaee’s scholarly contributions echo in the academic arena with her works being published in several respected journals. Her passion for dermatological academia further blooms through her service on numerous national committees in dermatology, providing her an edge in the intersection of advanced dermatologic practices and policy-making.

Currently associated with the UC Irvine Dermatology Group, Dr. Safaee is not only a practitioner but a fervent educator. She takes joy in nurturing the next generation of dermatologists, believing that sharing knowledge and experiences is foundational to the evolution of medical practice and patient care.

Empowerment through education is a keystone of her philosophy. Dr. Safaee champions a paradigm where patients are active participants in their journey to skin health. By encouraging them to understand their skin inside and out, she ensures they are poised to achieve optimal outcomes.

Maryam stands as a beacon of informed, compassionate, and integrative dermatological care, continually striving to weave a future where medical practices are inherently collaborative and perpetually evolving.